December 31st, 2011

Happy New Years Everybody !!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year guys ! I hope you all had a good year and an even better one next year!!!  So lets celebrate surviving another 12 months or 525,948 minuets or 31,556,926 seconds however you see it. This year lets make every second count and not waste it on silly things! BUT WAIT Wait wait.. i’de just like to clarify that watching doctor who up till late hours of the night, or going on tumblr and endlessly scrolling down you dash or sleeping days away is not a waste of time because … because SLEEP IS IMPORTANT and we can’t take that for granted! When I say silly thing i mean worrying what other people think because.. you know haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate and theres nothin we can do about it .. but what we CAN do is not care about it and enjoy the time we have left :) … BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE  but yea god bless! may you all have a fabulous year  :D! cheers :)